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August 6, 2015

“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus, and keep aiming.” - Anonymous

This blog entry is dedicated to the Girl on Fire, although fictional...

June 11, 2015

“The scars you share become lighthouses for other people who are headed to the same rocks you hit” – Jon Acuff

A couple of my friends kindly brought me a “Colour in the Hunk” book as a humorous gift following my diagnosis. It has kept me entertained for hours on end, bo...

January 18, 2015

“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” - Desmond Tutu

Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one; Happy New Year! I had spent the night of New Year’s Eve ticking off one of my bucket list items: to attend a masquerade...

November 9, 2014

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present and hope for the future.” - Agnes M. Pharo

In the months before my diagnosis my sister Elsa and I decided to book a Christmas holiday away. We had been living in London for what felt like forever...

October 5, 2014

“The ‘self-image’ is the key to human personality and human behaviour. Change the self image and you change the personality and the behaviour.” - Maxwell Maltz

One of the main comments I received after my diagnosis was “At least you can have a collection of wigs; you ca...

August 25, 2014

“Every time the wind blows, I have to check to make sure I’m not bald…I have to look like a sick person and I don’t do sick person.” – Samantha Jones

Before chemotherapy, my oncologist warned that it would be unlikely for my hair to last even the first round of treatmen...

July 16, 2014

“Don’t forget, every Cinderella has her midnight.” – Eve Peabody

I had just recovered from my first round of chemotherapy and was back at work, eager to attend our black tie, all inclusive company Christmas party held at the iconic Old Billingsgate in London. Then on th...

June 28, 2014

“Chemotherapy is brutal. The goal is pretty much to kill everything in your body without killing you.” - Rashida Jones

Monday mornings are awful. The Monday morning of 2 December 2013 was particularly awful; my first chemotherapy treatment. I had so many thoughts runnin...

June 26, 2014

“Life is a preparation for the future; and the best preparation for the future is to live as if there were none.” - Albert Einstein 

There was about a one or two week window between diagnosis and my first treatment. It was during this time which I quickly real...

February 11, 2014

“At any given moment you have the power to say: This is not how the story is going to end.” - Unknown

All I knew at this point was that I had Ovarian Cancer. I had no idea of the specifics and this appointment would spell it out to me. Every time any medical staff...

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