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Fundraising can be tricky, it essentially involves asking people to dig deep into their pockets to help support your cause.  For me, fundraising is so crucial, because we desperately need more funding for research, new drugs for clinical trials and the development of a screening test. 


There is no cure for Ovarian Cancer, most women are diagnosed at late-stage (because of lack of screening test and vague symptoms), and only 44.4% of women will survive past 5 years*.


This is not okay.


I am lucky in that I have been able to participate in clinical trials which have kept me stable and extended my life, however I acknowledge that there is currently no treatment which can achieve a remission for me and therefore is incurable.  Sadly, some teal sisters I have befriended in the past few years, have since passed. With each devastating loss, I find the will to continue to fundraise so that we may have better treatment options for women in the future and even an early detection screening test.


My story has been shared in various fundraising campaigns in Australia and I have also shared my story for fundraisers that I have organised independently.  I am always so grateful for the kind and generous contributions from donors in the hope to make a better future for women like me with Ovarian Cancer.

Previous Campaigns (Details Coming Soon):

2017 Cancer Council QLD Tax Appeal

2016 Cancer Council QLD Girls' Night In

2015 Kristen's Climb Against Cancer in support of Ovarian Cancer Action & Ovarian Cancer Australia

2014 Ovarian Cancer Action as the Charity of the Year for Canopius Group


Australian Institute of Health and Welfare 2017. Cancer in Australia 2017. Cancer series no.100. Cat. no. CAN 100. Canberra: AIHW