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Something I am extremely passionate about is Advocacy- for raising awareness of Ovarian Cancer, raising funds for research, and engaging with the wider community of Teal Sisters.


Advocacy was something that I accidentally fell into, and for anyone reading this and wanting to engage and give back, I can’t recommend it enough! For me, it all started a few months after my diagnosis when the company I worked for was taking nominations for their “Charity of the Year” beneficiary.  My manager insisted he nominate the UK charity “Ovarian Cancer Action” and share my story.  As the votes were counted, we won with overwhelming support! All of my colleagues were so shocked to hear of my diagnosis and wanted to do everything they could to help.  By the end of the year, the company had raised £40,000 for OCA and I had formed a wonderful relationship with this charity.  From helping coordinate a fun-run team, through to collecting gold coin bucket donations at London Underground Tube stations, I was thrust out of my comfort zone and soon being invited to speak at fundraising events and balls. 


I have been truly inspired to have met such amazing people who work tirelessly to help make a difference for women with ovarian cancer and to honour the lives of those no longer with us. Advocacy helps give meaning to what I go through as a woman fighting this disease.


These charities do such wonderful work to support women faced with Ovarian Cancer- from facilitating support services and developing resources, to funding research for clinical trials, raising awareness in the community about the symptoms, and to being our voice in the political setting to advocate for government funding and drug approvals. I'm always thankful to all of these charities for all the work they do.

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