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Through making contact with charities and putting up my hand, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at a variety of fundraising events and also organise my own fundraisers!


These ranged from collecting donations, to selling raffle tickets and merchandise or attending events as a guest myself. 


What better way than to buy a ticket to something fun where proceeds are donated to a good cause!


June 2019 - Ovarian Cancer Australia Tax Appeal (Nationwide Campaign, Australia)

May 2019 - Australian Labor Party Federal Election Campaign Launch (Brisbane, Australia)

February 2019 - Teal Ribbon Day Lunch for Ovarian Cancer Australia (Melbourne, Australia)


November 2018 - White Orchid Ball in support of Cancer Council Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)

September 2018 - Queensland Centre for Gynaecological Research Patient Symposium (QCGS) (Brisbane, Australia)

May 2018 – Katherine’s High Tea, Brisbane in support of The Mater Foundation (Brisbane, Australia)

​February 2018 – Sofitel Girls’ Day Out volunteering for Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation (Brisbane, Australia)

January 2018 – Teal Heels in support of Ovarian Cancer Australia (Brisbane, Australia)



November 2017 – White Orchid Ball in support of Cancer Council QLD (Brisbane, Australia)

February 2017 – Tour of the Translational Research Institute by invitation of Cancer Council QLD (Brisbane, Australia)



September 2016 – Cancer Council QLD Girls' Night In (Statewide Campaign, Australia)

February 2016 – Love Her by invitation of Ovarian Cancer Canada (Toronto, Canada)


May 2015 – Lobsters for Lesley volunteering for Ovarian Cancer Canada (Toronto, Canada)

May 2015 – Teal Gala by invitation of Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance (OCRFA) (New York, USA)

May 2015 – World Ovarian Cancer Day volunteering for Ovarian Cancer Canada (Toronto, Canada)

February 2015 – Kristen's Climb Against Cancer in support of Ovarian Cancer Action & Ovarian Cancer Australia (London, UK)


December 2014 – Christmas Collection volunteering for Ovarian Cancer Action (London, UK)

November 2014 – Tour of the Research Centre at Imperial College by invitation of Ovarian Cancer Action (London, UK)

July 2014 – J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge fundraising for Ovarian Cancer Action (London, UK)

June 2014 – First Women Awards volunteering for Ovarian Cancer Action (London, UK)

January 2014 – Ovarian Cancer Action as the Charity of the Year for Canopius Group (London, UK)

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